Let’s Love campaign

We raised over 5000 USD directly via this campaign and we have also received pledges of extra support. We will keep you posted once we have confirmation of this extra support,  it will bring us closer to our target.

Our priority is to deliver on our commitments to you and we’ll keep you updated on this progress. As we hunker down to make Let’s Love a reality, you can expect more updates from us soon informing you about the perks and when to expect the goodies.

Feel free to contact us at any time.

Let’s Love posters signed by the director and the protagonist Mai along with other main actors.

Our actors with the Let’s Love t-shirts.

Big thanks for Mr Cho Philips for helping out the film by becoming one of our Associate Producers  and buying one of our Let’s Love t-shirts.

Our director Dorn had initiated a challenge that if the campaign manages to reach a said amount within a certain amount of time, she would have to do the ice bucket challenge. The quota was met in time so the director was put to the test.

Thank you for everyone who has supported this film


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