Commercial For Boat Cruises On The Mekong River

Mekong Kingdoms is a company in Luang Prabang managing several river boats that operate on the Mekong both in Laos and Thailand.
For this work we used a DJI Inspire1 Pro with the X5 camera. DJI dominate the drone market and I’m not sure how other companies can compete. Shooting 4K on a MFT sensor with an Olympus Zuiko 14mm lens has helped to bring this drone into the professional sphere. Are we eying up the Inspire2 Pro? Yes absolutely. With Apple Pro-res raw codec soon to be introduced, The Inspire 2 is an amazing machine especially for cine work.
For the stills and the work on the boats we used a Sony a7R2 with a small handheld gimbal to help stabilise the shots. 
It was a fun shoot, thanks to all the participants from the Luang Prabang community. For more information please drop us a line.

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