“Carefully captured video is the closest we can get to sharing our reality with others, and more often than not shows us what’s outside the frame.”

RUNNING REEL is an independent production company creating quality digital media. Devoted to telling stories of significance, our team is committed to the highest standards of film and visual media production. Through mainly working with NGOs and Development sector organisations, we’ve developed a strong understanding of how to deliver important messages, in a responsible and honest manner.

Tell your story well! Our team can help you create films from your ideas, applying expertise at every step of the process – from scripting the story to full digital production and delivery of a high resolution product. Professionally produced video has more uses now than ever – whether you want to reach people online or in traditional media, clips that really capture what you stand for are easily shared and easily noticed.

We produce the highest quality films from your stories:


We like to turn your ideas and stories into films.

Filming Process


We take a hands on approach, from initial visualisation through to scheduling and pre-production. Our active involvement in the early development of ideas ensures the necessary set up for a successful production shoot.


Our work continues into post-production, to effectively compile the material we have produced. We’ll present multiple options so you can guide the final edit of the film.


Your video is delivered in all the required formats, ready for use across your chosen range of media.