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Our Services


The magic of documentary making comes in pairing diverse subject matters with diverse approaches to filmmaking. It’s more than an opportunity to inform, it’s an opportunity to be creative in the way we educate.


We aim to generate feelings through our photographs, by searching for the story and emotion in every image. Even with still images, it is possible to create work with the power to move others.


Innovation comes from discovering the differences that work best together. We search for the contrasts that deliver a message with the most effective balance of creativity and clarity - this is the essence of memorable design.

Our Team


Adri Berger is a photographer with over 20 years experience of shooting commercial assignments across the world for a wide range of international clients. His impressive client list includes: multinational corporations, international publications, press associations and high profile arts organizations.


Dara Pathammavong began as a freelance photographer in 2012. To further his passion in photography, he started working as an assistant to Adri in 2013. In this time, he has assisted in filmmaking for Red Cross, Save the Children, US Embassy, and Friends Without a Border.

Project Director

Namthipkesone Bouttasing (better known in Laos and in the Mekong region as Dorn Bouttasing, her professional nickname) is a self-taught, freelance filmmaker and community organizer working on preserving indigenous culture and empowering women in remote areas of Laos since 2009.

WEB Design

Kerry Kline has been providing web design and development services for small to medium size businesses, personal creatives and startups, including non-profit organizations both local and abroad. His strength of success is that of passion, vision, and dedication to design. He is also an active developer in the WordPress community providing tools, resources, and lectures in Southern California.


Case Studies & Selected Works

We pride ourselves on our growing portfolio, with some our work showcased below. This range of case studies has been chosen to familiarise you with the high quality work we have delivered.

Please follow the portfolio link below and visit the blog page.