Client; Save the Children International, Lao PDR
Production; Running Reel
Director and DoP; Adri Berger
Production Assistance; Mija Son, Chantaluck
Camera Assistance/ Edit: Dara Pathammavong

Written by; Helen Catton SCI, Luang Prabang

In cooperation with:
Save the Children, Northern Laos
Supported by USAID
Special thanks to Helen Catton, Dr Linh, Dr Van Penh, Mentor Saypinh and all other mentors participating in the workshops and film.

This is the story of success within the mentoring program in Northern Laos, by developing district level mentors who will build capacity within their own facility. The new mentors are being trained by Lao trainer mentors and these short film shows you how and why.

Educational mentoring film: The concept

We wanted to make an educational film on mentoring to show the steps in a creative and visual way that will be combined with a training manual. These resources will be shared in order that the mentoring approach can be replicated by others in different geographical locations and across different professions.

Making a film: The process

To develop this film, we needed to have a concept, develop a script and request permission from the relevant authorities. Following this we needed to recruit the actors and rehearse before shooting the film. After shooting extensive footage, considerable time is taken to edit, cut and review to produce a draft film which is reviewed and refined further with additions of sub-titles, credits, acknowledgements etc. The process so far has taken over a year to complete. Challenges have included the availability of the same actors at the time of filming and having to re-film several sections to ensure best practice is demonstrated in every small detail and is fit for a public audience. Filming a real birth was also a challenge. It required consent from the mother and family and timely logistical coordination and ensuring the privacy and safety of the mother and newborn were maintained at all times. We are very grateful to the actors, assistants, producers, directors and all involved who have spent days and days to achieve the final versions.

In Laos Mentorship is an innovative approach to building capacity among maternal and newborn health providers. It differs from traditional didactic teaching in that it is a participatory approach built on the relationship between a mentor and mentee: learning by doing together in practice. Mentorship occurs in the facility and contrasts with other coaching programs in its low dose high frequency approach: continuous learning and practicing rather than an isolated training.

The development of the mentorship approach was driven by the original 15 Laos mentors who were trained as mentors in February 2016. They internalized the concept of being a mentor, adapted the approach and tools to ensure it is relevant and responsive to the Laos context. The original mentors are advocates for the approach and have shared their mentoring experiences with provincial and central Ministery of Health. They are now ready to share their skills a step further and become trainers of new mentors. They have been undergoing week long workshops on training skills and micro-teaching to develop their capacity to train others to be mentors.

Below the script and storyboard for the third part of the film:

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