Luang Prabang Documentary is a


A film produced for the Luang Prabang World Heritage Office

Luang Prabang Documentary was made with support from the US Embassy in Vientiane

A film by Adri Berger

Steadicam by Rob van Gelder

Produced by Luang Prabang World Heritage Office & Running Reel Media
Luang Prabang Documentary was directed and filmed by Adri Berger
Camera Assistants: Dara Pathammavong and Nou Moua
Production Assistants: Mija Son, Big Tree Café, Dara Pathammavong, Nou Moua
Offline Editor: Dara Pathammavong
Online Editor: Adri Berger

Music tracks released by Premium Beat

Lao Sound tracks recorded by: Siamphone Inthaphone

Classical Lao Music for Luang Prabang Documentary courtesy of Essendilen

‘Pi Mai Lao & Nang Sangkhan’ script written by
Saengmany Ratsabout, MA, MLS
Program Coordinator
Immigration History Research Center
University of Minnesota

Opening Sequence written by
Gerry Paster

Text Editor: Gerry Paster & Phil William

Special thanks to:
Lao Cinema Department, Pam DeVolder, Us Embassy, Mr Santi and Santi resort, Jonlai Boriboon, Amantaka Luang Prabang, Traditional Art & Ethnology Centre, Tara Gajadhur, Thongkhoun Soutthivilay, Jumaly Hairdresser, Elephant Village, Tigertrails Adventure, Luang Prabang Provincial Radio Station, Images of Photoforward in partnership with an international community media programme founded by Allison Milewski in 2005, Somchit Kittisack, van driver Suk

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