We made a film incorporating interviews with local people to create a ‘window’ on Luang Prabang in Laos from a different perspective. Many visitors see the traditional arts and culture of Luang Prabang when they buy souvenirs, go to a show or visit museums. However they don’t often get to see how these traditions are kept alive by the people who work as local artisans and in small village industries. This film goes behind the scenes and depicts a vital part of life in Luang Prabang. We created simple ‘moving’ portraits of the people who are the heartbeat of this small heritage town in SE Asia. ‘

And one of the ‘Portraits’ became a standalone vignette; This short film was awarded in the International Photography Awards in LA. The drawings were all created by Paul Bloxham for the longer film.

When we recorded the sound track for the part about the Khai Paen harvesting we made a short ‘Behind the Scenes’ showing the team at work and artist Paul Bloxham at work on ideas for sketches.

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