Filmed and Directed by Adri Berger

Commercials and Promos

We create films that help and aim to promote destinations. These short messages often start as a concept before we start the production process and content creation and they are made in a truthful manner. We work with the reality and let reality dictate the content of these messages often resulting in beautiful products. 




The above films were made as part of a larger project to make a 50 minute documentary about Luang Prabang. From the amazing material we collected we also created a set of short commercials that are used to help promote this UNESCO World Heritage town. 

The Lao Friends Hospital for Children opened in 2015 and has since then made an enormous positive impact on the provision of high quality care in Northern Laos.  We have been fortunate to be able to help in this process with providing high quality media material to help raise funds to continue to give free healthcare.

World Volunteer brings over people to work in parts of Laos as volunteers and help villagers with income creation. This short promo is just one example. We also created more short film versions that give insight into the work of this organisation. 

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